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Zoe Harness + Leash



100% handmade in Spain.
Support for local craftsmanship.
Top quality materials of natural origin.
We do not use plastics.
With the Double or Multiposition leash you can carry one or two dogs at the same time, but it also has different ways of hooking it through the body to go “hands free”. Very useful for going out for sport or long walks.


Composed of different fabrics of various weaves and shapes, protected inside with inperceptible fibre, which gives it resistance, flexibility and gives it shape.
All harnesses can be complemented with its matching leash in different sizes, also with unisex belt for our human customers.

Inner mesh, imperceptible and very flexible, which provides the necessary strength for a dog leash.

On top of the webbing, different fabrics are sewn in various colours and shapes.

On the ends, at both ends, the top quality calfskin leather is sewn, which provides resistance, originality and optimum quality for this type of product. The handle is pleasant to the touch and sufficiently rigid to avoid creases.

Zamac carabiner clasp, a compound of aluminium, magnesium and copper, old gold colour. A stainless steel product, of design and that provides resistance to the pulls of your pet.

All the models will be somewhat different and exclusive due to the cuts of the fabrics and the manual and individual work of each product, but always being practically identical to the photographs.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us at info@ladrangaucho.com



– Size S: Neck 16 – 35 cm / Contour 18 – 36 cm / Chest 4 – 10 cm / 1,5 cm width of harness.

– Size M: Collar 35 – 48 cm / Contour 36 – 66 cm / Chest 6 – 18 cm / 1,5 cm width of harness

– Size L: Neck 48 – 58 cm / Contour 66 – 88 cm / Chest 8 – 30 cm / 2 cm harness width.


1. Short Leash: 60-65 cm long / 2.5 cm wide (recommended for large dogs only) 2.

2. Long or Standard Leash: 1 metre long / 2.5 cm wide.

3. Double or Multiposition Leash: 2.10 metres total length, leaving 1 metre and 1.2m if used to carry two dogs simultaneously / 2.5 cm wide. This leash is also very useful, due to its multiple hooks, to carry a single pet and attach the leash to the body, thus leaving your hands free, very practical for going out to do sport with your pet.

If you have any questions ask us without obligation, we will help you in whatever you need! Please contact us at info@ladrangaucho.com


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The story of Ladran Gaucho was born from a lifelong love, vocation and dedication to dogs together with the desire to make the world a better place.
With these two premises we designed an original pet product that would support local craftsmanship and adapt it to the “animal fashion”. In this way we were creating a product that did not exist in the market, that could be in demand and, at the same time, supporting craftsmanship and the people who dedicate themselves to it; usually disadvantaged people.
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