Wooden Pet Bolw

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Elegant and decorative wooden food and water bowl for small dogs. Varnished to avoid stains.

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This model of feeder/drinking trough is with double stainless steel container on a wooden base with rigid and varnished anti-stain. It is of great stability and so our pet will not be able to move or tip over as they do with traditional feeders. It can be used as a feeder and/or drinker.

The size of this product is 32 x 16 x 8 cm. Ideal for small dogs.

This piece is composed of two plates embedded in a wooden structure with an elegant and decorative design. Ideal for decorating the rest room of your pet, giving it a touch of the most special. In our online shop you have available more designs of accessories to make your pet happy. You also have collars or leashes handmade of different designs and African inspiration.

Apart from this complement to eat, you can have all our accessories for dogs. Among them you have models of beds for the good rest of your pet.

If you need more information about our dog accessories, collars or leashes please contact us through our contact form or by corporate mail info@ladrangaucho.com.


La historia de Ladran Gaucho nace del amor, vocación y dedicación durante toda una vida hacia los perros unido al afán por hacer del mundo un lugar mejor.
Con estas dos premisas diseñamos un producto para mascotas original y que apoyara la artesanía local adaptándolo a la “moda animal”. De este modo estábamos creando un producto inexistente en el mercado, que pudiera tener demanda y, a la par, apoyando la artesanía y a las personas que se dedican a ello; normalmente personas desfavorecidas.
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