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Social projects

In Ladran Gaucho we want to make the world a better, more humane and homogeneous place. With some of our collections we promote and encourage the development of women in disadvantaged places and the maintenance of manufactured crafts, adapting them to new product categories such as animal fashion.

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Ladran Tanzania Social Project

The social project Ladran Tanzania supports the development of women, who are at risk of social exclusion, from various Maasai tribes in the Ngorongoro Valley (Tanzania) and in southern Kenya. We also adapt the traditional Maasai handicrafts to the products in our catalogue, supporting a unique and highly characteristic manufacture and giving it greater visibility in other places.


After visiting the spectacular Ngorongoro Crater and all the species that live there, during a trip to Tanzania, we went to see the Mangola Project; a beautiful mission run by the priests Pepe and Miguel Ángel, true adventurers; two examples of absolute dedication. It has been 40 years since they established themselves in that place where they have created a macro-community with a school, hospital, church, communal areas, housing, etc.

Visiting the village and the facilities that, with so much work, they built up, we learned about the history of the women’s cooperative of the Maasai tribes and the typical products that they made to sell to the tourists who came on a photo safari. In these tribes, historically and culturally, women have had a completely secondary role, being in a situation of social exclusion, they have taught them to have a trade, giving value to what they know how to do. The Maasai wear very colourful clothing made of small balls, or beads, sewn to pieces of skin.

It was then that we saw the opportunity to create a beautiful initiative to collaborate with these women. We were able to adapt the typical designs of their clothing to the products of Ladran Gaucho, a brand that we had just started with production in Argentina and Spain: and that is how the Ladran Tanzania collection was born!!!!

The cultural life of the Maasai is full of celebrations and both men and women wear these colourful clothes during these festivities. They sing and dance, jumping all in a row. The small, warm-coloured beads that compose these designs make the dances even more eye-catching. That is why we want our pets and ourselves to wear the designs from the Ladran Tanzania collection to celebrate, as a tribute to these women and the Maasai culture.

Ladran Mexico Social Project

The social project Ladran Mexico supports the indigenous Mexican culture in various regions and their handicraft manufacturers, and in fact we have been awarded with the quality stamp “Manos Indígenas” (Indigenous Hands) by the Mexican government. In this way we help the economy of these Mexican regions by generating jobs and promoting the beauty of the Mayan culture.


With the Tanzania collection already up and running for several years and with the pleasure of making our social project with the Maasai known through the products of the Tanzania collection, we came across the Mayan culture and the beautiful handicrafts made by indigenous women with wool yarn.

We had seen these handicrafts adapted to fashion products such as bags and, once again, we said to ourselves, why not animal fashion? We started working until we found the Mexican handicrafts we were looking for. After a lot of hard work and long conversations with a time change, we finally gave shape to the designs of the Mexico collection.

With the Mexico collection you will be supporting our artisan manufacturers, the women weavers who manufacture the designs with impressive skill, the Mayan culture and its indigenous crafts, the economy of these Mexican regions and the promotion of this culture.

In this collection, besides being beautiful for its colourfulness, we decided not to use animal leather, a demand from some customers who preferred to use synthetic materials such as leatherette for their animals and their wishes are our orders.

Ladran Ghana Social Project

The social project Ladran Ghana was the third of our social projects. With this project we support Ghanaian women who suffer from a lack of opportunities to develop their craft skills. Our mission is to build a future where the talent and creativity of these women will be appreciated by the whole world and become a source of income. To do this, we integrate traditional techniques and designs into our ‘Ghana dog beds or baskets’ made with elephant grass; a typical material of the area, similar to wicker but softer, stronger and more comfortable for our pets. In this way, we are not only offering a high quality and original product, but we are also contributing to the preservation of Ghana’s cultural richness, generating a positive impact both economically and culturally.

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When we started making dog beds, it was very clear to us that we wanted to have another social project for this product, as we were already doing in Tanzania and Mexico with collars and leashes.We got to know the Elephant Grass material and the decorative products that were made to be exported all over the world.So, once again we said to ourselves: why not adapt it to animal fashion?

We went to the city of Kumasi, also called ‘garden city’ because of the variety of plants around the area. There we met Aysha, an enterprising woman who showed us the rich Ghanaian culture and the cultivation of elephant grass.

She explained to us that elephant grass is a plant commonly used by local farmers as cattle feed, due to its fast growth. It also has amazing properties: it is durable, strong and smooth in texture. She then showed us how some twenty women made products, mainly home decoration, from the dried grass. It was then that we designed our bed-baskets, also choosing the patterns and colours.

Thus was born the Ghana collection and our social project in this country and with its culture. A social initiative dedicated to supporting Ghanaian women artisans and promoting their products. Over time, our dog baskets have become a success, contributing to the sustainable economic development of the region.


Every customer of Ladran Gaucho who buys any product from the Tanzania or Mexico collections will be collaborating directly with our social projects and all that this involves. These local crafters have become our suppliers, giving them work and a source of income, we are their first and only foreign wholesale customers, they have managed to adapt their designs to our products and achieve the required qualities so that we can market them and promote their cultures and crafts.

At Ladran Gaucho we believe in philanthropy and charitable investment as a way and not as an end. That is, by making them our suppliers and an active part of Ladran Gaucho, we collaborate in the development of the business and the labour and salary self-sufficiency of these artisans, contributing to their family unit with the work they do. If we simply donated a percentage of the profits, they would not be part of our company. Being our suppliers they are a fundamental part of Ladran gaucho.

Do you like our initiative? Collaborate by buying any product from the Tanzania Collection,  Mexico Collection or Ghana Collection.

The story of Ladran Gaucho was born from a lifelong love, vocation and dedication to dogs together with the desire to make the world a better place.
With these two premises we designed an original pet product that would support local craftsmanship and adapt it to the “animal fashion”. In this way we were creating a product that did not exist in the market, that could be in demand and, at the same time, supporting craftsmanship and the people who dedicate themselves to it; usually disadvantaged people.
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