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Relaxing infusions for dogs

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Relaxing Infusion for Dogs and Pets. A relaxing, soothing and moisturizing infusion. Completely natural.

This infusion helps combat nervous states and is moisturizing for the heat. It has a delicious canine flavor and can be drunk or mixed to encourage dry food eating.

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It is an infusion developed with 100% natural herbs under the supervision of veterinarians.

Quantity: 12 pyramids

Ingredients: Lemon balm, lime blossom, rooibos bush leaf from South Africa, cornicabra and picual olive leaves, flavorings.

Instructions for use:
Heat 200 ml of water, introduce the pyramid and infuse for 8 min. Remove the pyramid and let cool. Serve at room temperature.

The infusion can be enjoyed directly or mixed with the daily feed.


The story of Ladran Gaucho was born from a lifelong love, vocation and dedication to dogs together with the desire to make the world a better place.
With these two premises we designed an original pet product that would support local craftsmanship and adapt it to the “animal fashion”. In this way we were creating a product that did not exist in the market, that could be in demand and, at the same time, supporting craftsmanship and the people who dedicate themselves to it; usually disadvantaged people.
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