-  Product maintenance

Product maintenance

How to maintain your Ladran Gaucho products

If you want to maintain the colour and material characteristics of the product as much as possible, always follow these instructions.

Can it be washed?

Yes. Sometimes, because if our pets are having a great time, they often get dirty. But always following our instructions:

  • Do not put in the washing machine
  • With a soft brush or a cloth dampened with lukewarm water and a little detergent, rub only what is not leather.
  • Never use products like bleach, ammonia, etc.

Can it get wet?

The leather is not good to get wet, dogs do not sweat through their bodies (they do it through their tongues) so this is not a problem. We recommend that if you are going to go to the beach or the swimming pool, you should remove the collar to prevent it from deteriorating. If he has been quicker than you, it is not a problem either, we recommend that you treat the leather as indicated below to preserve it better.

The Mexico collection is made with leatherette, this one is more waterproof and can be wet. Although we do not recommend it in any case.

How to maintain the leather

The leather we use at Ladran Gaucho is always top quality cowhide. To clean it you can also wipe it with a damp cloth and then a bit of moisturising cream or leather oil, as well as any other leather product. This way you will preserve your products much better.

How should it be dried?

Air drying is the best way to dry clothes. Avoid industrial tumble dryers and exposing garments to direct sunlight during drying to prevent fading.

Can it be ironed?

No. Most of our products are not suitable for ironing.

If my dog bites the collar, how can I repair it?

If he is naughty and has chewed the leather end of the collar or leash, we recommend that you clean it with a leather product, to preserve it better and prevent further damage.

How do I wash the pet beds?

The fabrics used for the beds are usually stain repellent so you can clean them with a detergent cloth. They can be put in the washing machine but always washed cold at less than 30 degrees and dried outdoors.

La historia de Ladran Gaucho nace del amor, vocación y dedicación durante toda una vida hacia los perros unido al afán por hacer del mundo un lugar mejor.
Con estas dos premisas diseñamos un producto para mascotas original y que apoyara la artesanía local adaptándolo a la “moda animal”. De este modo estábamos creando un producto inexistente en el mercado, que pudiera tener demanda y, a la par, apoyando la artesanía y a las personas que se dedican a ello; normalmente personas desfavorecidas.
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