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Pet Bag Cover Green

9,99 (IVA incluido)

This pet bag cover is a very practical product, you can hook it to your dog’s leash so you will never forget the bags when you go out for a walk. It can also be used to store your pet’s treats. There are several colours and shapes to chose from.

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– 100% handmade in Spain.
– First quality materials.
– We do not use plastics.
– Back washer for easy removal of the bags.
– Carabiner to hook to the leash

All the cases can be complemented with Ladran Gaucho leashes, being able to hook it to the leash so that it is never lost or forgotten.

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@ladrangaucho.com


– Height: 5 cm
– Width: 7 cm
– Depth: 5 cm
– Weight: 38 gr

During our walks we are responsible for leaving our environment clean and cared for. Never forget to take a small bottle of water with you to clean up urine and some bags to collect droppings.

With our Pet Bag Cover you can store the rolls of disposable bags so that they do not unroll in your bag or jacket pocket. Place a roll inside the bag, take the end of the first bag and pull it out through the back hole of the case. When you need one, you can pull it out from the back of the bag without having to take out the roll each time.

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@ladrangaucho.com

The story of Ladran Gaucho was born from a lifelong love, vocation and dedication to dogs together with the desire to make the world a better place.
With these two premises we designed an original pet product that would support local craftsmanship and adapt it to the “animal fashion”. In this way we were creating a product that did not exist in the market, that could be in demand and, at the same time, supporting craftsmanship and the people who dedicate themselves to it; usually disadvantaged people.
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