Emerid Pets

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Emerid Pets NFC nameplate for pets.
Universal NFC / Contactless identification plate for your pet.

With Emerid Pets, anyone anywhere in the world will be able to identify your lost pet and contact you by simply scanning the device with their NFC mobile and internet connection, without having to download any app to read Emerid Pets.

It also does not require any maintenance or batteries for its operation.

In addition to providing fast and universal identification, Emerid Pets provides the owner’s contact details with up to 3 additional contact numbers, the pet’s medical history, direct contact with the owner by phone or via WhatsApp, and an automatic notification feature via email with the location where the device has been read every time a third person scans your Emerid Pets.

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How does the Emerid system work?

1. Place your smartphone with NFC activated and internet connection on the Emerid logo. The user’s profile will appear on your screen instantly.
2. You can verify the identity of the user with his image and personal data. In addition, consult your medical file and obtain emergency contact information.
3. In an emergency, press the button for direct emergency calls, it is located in the lower right part of your screen and thus request immediate assistance.

What is NFC technology?
NFC is a high-frequency, short-range, wireless communication technology that allows data to be exchanged between devices. (Near Field Communication or near field communication-NFC)

– Communication and data exchange
It can be used like bluetooth, as a protocol to transfer files, being faster and safer.

– Protected data
It is a technology with potential, it is used to identify people attending events or other purposes only with the smartphone.

– Everyday technology
It makes daily life easier, you use it to pay with your smartphone, for transport system payments, etc.

– Device synchronization
This technology allows synchronization with other devices, such as hearing aids, printers, among others.

If you need more information about our dog accessories, collars or leashes, do not hesitate to contact us through our contact form or by the corporate mail info@ladrangaucho.com.

The story of Ladran Gaucho was born from a lifelong love, vocation and dedication to dogs together with the desire to make the world a better place.
With these two premises we designed an original pet product that would support local craftsmanship and adapt it to the “animal fashion”. In this way we were creating a product that did not exist in the market, that could be in demand and, at the same time, supporting craftsmanship and the people who dedicate themselves to it; usually disadvantaged people.
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