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Capi Dog Collar

Capi model is young, elegant, fun and classic at the same time. Suitable for all dogs and impossible not to be the coolest in the park with him.

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– 100% handmade in Argentina.
– Support for local handicrafts.
– First quality materials of natural origin.
– We do not use plastics.

– Unique piece of 100% top quality cow leather.
– On top of the leather, the typical and characteristic Argentinean colourful yarns are hand embroidered.
– The resistance of its materials is maximum, as well as their quality.
– Stainless steel buckle fastening. A design stainless steel product that provides resistance to your pet’s tugging.
– This is a typical product in the clothing of the Argentinean Gaucho.

*Due to technical manufacturing reasons, size XS has different seams than the other sizes (see picture).

All dog collars can be complemented with a matching leash, also with a unisex belt for our human customers.

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@ladrangaucho.com


– XS size: 20-29 cm long / 2 cm wide
– S size S: 30-38 cm long / 2,5 cm wide
– M size: 39-47 cm long / 3 cm wide
– L size: 48-56 cm long / 3,5 cm wide
– XL size: 57-66 cm long / 3,5 cm wide

Measure your dog’s neck and find his size among these sizes. If his measurement is at one of the extremes between one size and the other, we recommend you always choose the smallest, unless you think that he may grow, put on weight or have more hair depending on the time of the year.If you have any doubts, ask us without obligation, we will help you with whatever you need!

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La historia de Ladran Gaucho nace del amor, vocación y dedicación durante toda una vida hacia los perros unido al afán por hacer del mundo un lugar mejor.
Con estas dos premisas diseñamos un producto para mascotas original y que apoyara la artesanía local adaptándolo a la “moda animal”. De este modo estábamos creando un producto inexistente en el mercado, que pudiera tener demanda y, a la par, apoyando la artesanía y a las personas que se dedican a ello; normalmente personas desfavorecidas.
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